ARIMA: a Research Partnership that is attuned to Communities

The goal of the ARIMA research partnership is to develop expertise on social interventions in and between networks to deliver more effective responses to complex problems, including those experienced by seniors, family caregivers, youth and children, families, individuals with mental health or employability issues, etc.
Network intervention has become indispensable today, in the form of local services networks, mandated networks, interprofessional, inter-organizational and intersectoral networks. It represents a huge challenge, which also involves working with 
individuals' intimate networks, their family, school, those who share their living environment, etc.
The partnership research program itself relies on networks of researchers and practitioners to come up with new answers to the challenges of a networked society.
The projects connected with the program emerge from the communities through the intermediary of committees composed of researchers and practitioners in each of the partner jurisdictions/territories. Their aim is to develop knowledge related to the concerns of local organizations and populations.

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