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Facilitate Accessibility to Integrated Health and Social Services for Seniors in a Minority Context

Francophone seniors in Ontario live in a minority context. They are more comfortable using French when it comes to their health. They are affected by the lack of accessibility to French-language health and social services. Besides, seniors from minority groups have greater health care needs because, in addition to a higher aging rate than Anglophones, francophone seniors report poorer physical and mental health conditions than their anglophone counterparts. The irregular access to French-language services contributes to disparities that are already created by a number of social determinants of health. This project is a participatory study being conducted with members of the older community and stakeholders from francophone practice settings and leadership bodies in the territory of Champlain, Ontario (Ottawa and Prescott-Russell). The project is unfolding in three phases. First, portraying clinical services integration practices in the territory and practices related to the structures and dynamics at work among network actors (in their respective missions and in collective action). Second, a compilation of service accessibility factors for a linguistic minority as well as the issues of network operations and communication of personal information among actors. The ultimate goal is to identify winning conditions for the implementation of integrated clinical practices for a sub-group in a minority context.


  • Formulate guidelines for best practices of networking and integrating seniors services in a minority context
  • Identify winning conditions for the implementation of integrated clinical practices for a sub-group in a minority context


Lead researcher : 
Sébastien Savard, École de service social, Université d'Ottawa 
Collaborators :
Marie Drolet, École de service social, Université d'Ottawa
Josée Benoît, Université d'Ottawa
Jacinthe Savard, École des sciences de la réadaptation, Université d'Ottawa
Marjorie Silverman,  École de service social, Université d'Ottawa
Yves Couturier, Département de service social, Université de Sherbrooke
Isabelle Morin, Réseau des services de santé en français de l'Est Ontarien
Jean-Louis Schryburt, Fédération des aînés et des retraités francophones de l'Ontario-région d'Ottawa
Gaétanne Gagnon, Centre de santé communautaire de l'Estrie
Lynn Casimiro, Hôpital Montfort, Centre hospitalier universitaire francophone
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