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Assessing the Merits and Appropriateness of the Integrated Urban Renewal (IUA) Framework: Vieux-Gatineau under a Magnifying Glass

The City of Gatineau launched an integrated urban renewal (IUR) process in Vieux-Gatineau. Like other IURs, the aim is to combat poverty and the devitalization of an urban territory by means of coordinated development practices deployed by local actors from different sectors. But, the IUR model is not universally popular: some view these territorial governance structures as a new political model that stimulates citizen participation, while others insist that they engender disinterest in the political democratic process.  Developed by a steering committee, this documentation initiative is meant to serve as a pilot project to assess the merits and appropriateness of integrated urban renewal as a territorial governance action framework to foster coordinated action among community actors and stimulate citizen participation. More specifically, it aims to identify the conditions for effective and optimal intersectoral collaboration, the influence of sectoral biases, and conditions conducive to citizen participation.


  • Foster coordinated action of community actors
  • Stimulate citizen participation
  • Identify facilitating factors, winning conditions, and obstacles to IUR processes


Lead researcher : 
Dominic Foisy, Université du Québec en Outaouais 
Collaborateurs :
Sébastien Savard, Université d'Ottawa 
Nathalie St-Amour, Université du Québec en Outaouais
Mustapha Bahri, Comité Vie de Quartier du Vieux-Gatineau
Pauline Bouchard, AGAP du Vieux-Gatineau 
Mario Dion, CSSS de Gatineau—CISSS de l'Outaouais
Antoine Noubouwo, SUDD, Ville de Gatineau 
Julie Sénéchal, SLSDC, Ville de Gatineau